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Hitting Your Target Market

Before we start working together, we need to understand three things:

  • Who is buying your product/service in Wellingborough?
  • Are you making an active effort to target ideal buyers in your online marketing?
  • How many sales/leads/clients can you handle each month?

Now, take some time to think through these three questions.

They will determine the audience you wish to engage on your website, which is what we’re moving onto next.

Identify Your Buyer Today

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Engaging Your Buyer

Now that you’ve pinpointed your buyer, you need a website that would engage them.

To engage your desired buyer, we will:

  • Come up with a content strategy
  • Structure your website

At Desquared, we first take your ideas for content and formulate a full content strategy from this – which starts with the creation of your website pages and also includes blog posts and dates they will be released on.

All of the content and copywriting required for your website will be handled by our expert copywriting team, to confirm that every written word is taking your desired buyer on a journey to taking action.

Engage Your Buyer Today

Analysing Buyer Behaviour

We don’t drive buyers to your site and merely hope they take action based on our design.

With every site, we make use of a number of tools that help us gauge what buyers are:

  • Viewing on your website
  • Clicking on your website
  • Ignoring on your website

We then take all of the statistics we have compiled and list down some changes to be rolled out over the following month.

Genius, right?

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We’re Good Listeners…

…seriously, we want to hear about your project!

If you’ve gotten this far, you will understand that our extensive expertise will help your business get more enquiries in the Wellingborough area.

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